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Seluna is a character of the movie, The Blackwood Ghoul School. She appears in the sequel The Return of Dreadfula.

Voice Actors:

  1. Barbara Goodson - English
  2. Mako Ishino - Japanese


Seluna's appearance is slender, she has light turquoise skin, purple and pink hair, yellow eyes, raspberry red lips, light indigo eyeshadow, vampire fangs, black vampire cloak, dark blue vampire dress, and dark magenta vampire shoes.


She is very kind and polite. She seems to only dislike the ??? cadets, ???, and ??? (and garlic of course). She compliments other people often, showing she has good people skills. She is also very helpful and generous, as she spent the last of her allowance on a pizza for ???, ??? and ???. Another account of her being helpful is answering the door for Mrs. Blackwood while she was busy with ???. She is not, however, above using her bat form to her advantage in sports such as volleyball and racing. She has a frequent habit of making puns on words to make them relate to vampires, such as "Fangtasic to meet you."