Sena is the headstrong leader of the Tai Chi Chasers. She's from a family of Tigeroid warriors and she struggles to measure up to her sisters' extraordinary accomplishments. She's always arguing with Rai; she appreciates his powers, but not so much his attitude.

Voice Actors:

  1. Suzy Myers - English

Sena played Moana in Sena (Moana)

Sena played Anna In Frozen (1961Movies Style)

Sena played Ali in The Land Before Time (TV Series) (1961Movies Style)

Sena Played Sailor Mini Moon (Season 3) In Sailor Velma

She Played Velma Dinkley In Dongwa Doo, Where Are You!

She Played Pocahontas In Senahontas

she is a Navite American indian

She played Hinata Hyuga in Rairuto

She Played Nala In The Dragoniod King

she is a lioness



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