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Tristar22 Productions' musical fanmake of the 1993 Sera Myu/Sailor Moon Summer musical, Gaiden - Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen. It will debut on YouTube in the near future.


Rain and her friends want a summer vacation filled with fun and romance, but their plans are interrupted by the revival of the Dark Kingdom. The Sailor Senshi must return once again to D Point to save Domon Kasshu from the clutches of Queen La and the Shitennou.

Plot (WIP):

In Rain's dream, she and the Inner Senshi sing "Mystery Sagashi." However, darkness descends and an evil energy surrounds them. Queen La's voice declares that she has been resurrected by the energy of humans' hate. The Shitennou add that Queen La has instilled life into them again. They all appear in person and attack with their dark powers, and La promises revenge for the girls' previous interference.

The next morning, Pururun is very panicked, and runs to wake up Yattaro, who is napping lazily. He rouses himself quickly when Pururun explains that Queen La and the Shitennou have revived, and appeared in Rain's dream. They rush off to find the Sailor Senshi.

Tristar22, Starfire, Momo, and Lynn shop for bathing suits at the department store. Rain shows up late, still sleepy, but when she wakes fully, she explains her terrible dream that the Dark Kingdom has revived. Her friends are not convinced that this means anything, and even Rain admits that it was probably just a nightmare.

Orihime Inoue joins the girls and suggests that this summer, they travel to a foreign country with her. They are very excited about the idea ("Natsu wo Shimashou Vacation"). However, while they are celebrating, Starfire senses something strange: Orihime-sensei is a Youma. Orihime starts crying, and everyone protests that Starfire is being cruel. To prove herself, Starfire uses her spiritual powers to force Orihime back into her real form - the Youma Manegin.

Everyone apologizes to Starfire for doubting her, and Manegin summons her Youma minions, ordering them to take the Senshi's energy and the Silver Crystal. When they try to transform, Manegin uses her powers to disrupt them. The Manegin Gundan grab the girls and drain their energies, and Manegin tries to get them to confess who has the Silver Crystal.

Domon Kasshu enters and incapacitates the youma with the scent of roses, causing them to flee ("Bara no Himitsu"). Then he departs.

Cast (WIP):

  • Princess Serenity/Usagi Tskuino/Sailor Moon - Rain Mikamura (Mobile Fighter G Gundam; 1994)
  • Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury - Tristar22 Productions (Me)
  • Rei Hino/Sailor Mars - Starfire (Teen Titans; 2003)
  • Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter - Momo Yaoyorozu (My Hero Academia)
  • Minako Aino Aino/Sailor Venus - Mina Ashido (My Hero Academia)
  • Prince Endymion/Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask - Domon Kasshu (Mobile Fighter G Gundam; 1994)
  • Luna - Pururun/Polly Esther (Samurai Pizza Cats; 1990)
  • Artemis - Yattaro/Speedy Cerviche (Samurai Pizza Cats; 1990)
  • Queen Beryl - Queen La (The Legend of Tarzan)
  • Jadeite -
  • Nephrite -
  • Zoisite -
  • Kunzite -
  • Saitou Kun (Kunzite's Disguise) -
  • High School Students B, C, and D (Disguised Shintenou)
  • Haruna Sakurada - Orihime Inoue (Bleach)
  • Youma Managin/Manneguin -
  • Managin Gundan -
  • DD Girls -



  1. Mystery Sagashi (Mystery Search) (Prelude Ver.) - Rain, Tristar22, Starfire, Momo and Lynn/Mina
  2. Natsu wo Shimashou Vacation (Let's Have a Summer Vacation) - Rain, Tristar22, Momo, Lynn/Mina and Orihime
  3. Bara no Himitsu (Secret of the Rose) - Domon Kasshu
  4. Waltz ni Koi wo Nosete (A Love on a Waltz) - Rain and Domon
  5. Namikimichi no Koi (Love on the Tree-Lined Road) - Lynn Mai/Mina Ashido
  6. Saikyou no Couple Gundan (The Best Couple Squad/Corps) -
  7. Onna no Ko no Shinsou (The Truth About Girls) - Pururun and Yattaro
  8. Sailor War - Inner Senshi with Pururun and Yattaro
  9. Yami Koso Utsukushii (Darkness Is So Beautiful) -
  10. La Soldier - Inner Senshi
  11. Mystery Sagashi (Full Ver.) (Service Number/Curtain Call) - Inner Senshi
  12. Curtain Call) - Inner Senshi
  13. La Soldier (Service Number/Curtain Call) - Inner Senshi

Musical Used:

  • Sailor Moon - Gaiden: Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen (1993)


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