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Fretzlets' version of Sesame Street LIVE! in New York City.



  • Barney as Big Bird
  • Jonathan Lickipini as Elmo
  • Mark Baker as Cookie Monster
  • little Bill as Baby Bear
  • Franklin as Telly
  • Molly as Zoe
  • Genie as the Count
  • Charlie Brown as Ernie
  • Tai as Bert
  • Caillou as Grover
  • Keiko as Rosita
  • Judge Frollo as Evil Kneevle
  • David as Gordon
  • Kami as Susan
  • Garrett as Miles
  • Muno as Luis
  • Toodee as Maria
  • Aline as Gabi
  • Emily Yeung as Linda
  • Luci as Gina
  • Lizzie McGuire as Celina