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ShapeTales is a spoof of VeggieTales by Big World Productions.

This show as created by Shane Spicer and Horsey The Horse to honor VeggieTales.

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Main Characters

Supporting Characters


  1. Where's The Lord When I'm A-Afraid?
  2. The Lord Wants Me to Accept Them!?!
  3. Are You My Partner?
  4. Isaac, Tyler & Gabriel
  5. Davey and the Jumbo Triangle
  6. The Mater That Surfed Christmas
  7. Very Goofy Songs!
  8. QBT Alvin! & the Plankton from Underwater!
  9. Josh and the Humongous Structure!
  10. Madame Blue Heart
  11. The End of Goofiness?
  12. QBT Alvin and the Gossip Robot
  13. King Harold and the Ducky
  14. Hadassah... The Girl Who Became Queen
  15. Stanley the Kindly Viking
  16. The Ultimate Goofy Song Countdown
  17. Jonas: Sing-Along Songs and More!
  18. The Sliver Star of Christmas
  19. The Wonderful World Of Enter-tunement!
  20. The Ballad of Joey
  21. A Shapey Easter Carol
  22. A Voodle's Tale
  23. Sumo of the Oval
  24. Duke and the Great Cookie War
  25. Louisiana Al and the Search for Samson‘s Hairgel
  26. Lord of the Onion Rings
  27. Shapelock Holmes and the Golden Ruler
  28. QBT Alvin and the Bad Circle
  29. Gideon: Tuba Solider
  30. Moe And The Giant Escape
  31. The Wiz Of Ha's
  32. Tom Sphere and Hucklealvin Finn's Big River Rescue
  33. Abe And The Astounding Promise
  34. Louisiana Al And The Search For Noah’s Umbrella
  35. Saint Nick: A Story of Joyful Giving
  36. Picosito: The Little Boy That Wouldn't
  37. Snow Right: A Girl After The Lord’s Own Heart
  38. It's A Colorful Life
  39. Twas The Evening Before Easter
  40. Princess And The Rock Star
  41. The Little Drummer Boy
  42. Raven hood And His Not-So Merry Men
  43. The Payless Princess
  44. The League Of Incredible Shapes
  45. The Little Apartment That Stood
  46. MacAlvin And The Stinky Sock Fight
  47. Merry Alvin And The True Spark Of Christmas
  48. Shape: The Final Frontier
  49. Rectangle Night Fever
  50. Beauty And The Rhombus
  51. Noah's Ark


  1. Jonas: A ShapeTales Movie
  2. The Pirates Who Do Nothing: A ShapeTales Movie

Others Shows

  1. 3-2-1 Walruses!
  2. QBT Alvin: The Cartoon Adventures
  3. ShapeTales in the Apartment
  4. ShapeTales in the Town
  5. The ShapeTales Show Reloaded


  • If I Sang A Goofy Song
  • Lessons From The Toy Chest
  • The Lord Made You Special
  • The Lord Loves You Very Much
  • Alvin Learns To Listen
  • Jimmy Lends A Helping Hand
  • Little Ones Can Do Big Things Too!
  • Let Us Love One Another
  • Goofy Little Thing Called Love
  • Happy Together!
  • Heroes of the Bible - Lions, Shepherds & Queens, Oh My!
  • Heroes of the Bible - Stand Up, Stand Tall, Stand Strong
  • Heroes of the Bible - A Baby, A Quest and the Wild, Wild West
  • Heroes of the Bible - A Selfish King, A Big Fish and a Great Cookie War
  • ShapeTales Sing Alongs: Do the Kung Fu
  • ShapeTales Sing Alongs: Dance of the Cone
  • ShapeTales Sing Alongs: Love My Nose
  • ShapeTales Sing Alongs: I Can Be Your Best Friend
  • ShapeTales Sing Alongs: The Hairgel Song
  • Boyz in the Pit- Sing Yourself Goofy!
  • ShapeTales: Growing Generous Kids!
  • ShapeTales: Growing Patient Kids!
  • ShapeTales: Growing Faithful Kids!
  • ShapeTales: Growing Kindhearted Kids!
  • ShapeTales: Growing Courageous Kids!
  • ShapeTales: Growing Confident Kids!
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