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Shaw was a minor character in TRON: Uprising.


Shaw was tasked by General Tesler to design a weapon -- a power-upgrade mod to be applied to an identity disc -- for use by Clu's army. While via a route to Argon City with the weapon, his dirigible was intercepted by Beck, who disabled his guards and attempted to abduct him. Rather than cooperating, Shaw attached the weapon to his own disc, attacked Beck, and threw him from the dirigible; but Beck used a Light Jet to get back on board, and its impact threw Shaw from the dirigible's upper platform. Attacking Beck again, Shaw was thrown over the side of the dirigible; Beck caught the disc Shaw was holding, preventing him from falling further, but had to switch the grip to his wrist when Shaw's weapon slipped off the disc. Enraged, Shaw wildly slashed at Beck in a mad attempt to regain the weapon, ignoring Beck's attempts to help him. The violent motions caused Beck to lose his grip, and Shaw plummeted into the dirigible's engine and derezzed.

Skills and abilities

Shaw was a talented scientist and inventor. While wearing the weapon he designed, he gained vastly increased A1 strength and agility, but the enhancements came with a price; the weapon also made him aggressive to the point of insanity.