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Sheldon J. Plankton is the main antagonist from "SpongeBob SquarePants".

He played Berkeley Beetle in Candacelina (CyberChaseZoneFilms2010 Style)

He played Lord Farquaad in SpongeBob (Shrek)

He played Abis Mal in Dumboladdin 2: The Return of Mojo

He played Mr. Twitchell in Jiminy Returns

He played Hamegg in Lincoln Boy (Astro Boy)

He played All Hands in Baloo & Yogi Rescue Rangers

He played King Goobot in E.B.: Bunny Genius

He played Bill Cipher in Gravity Falls (JimmyandFriends Style)

He played Hades In Oscarcules

He played Escargoon in Les: Right Back at Ya!

He's King Dedede's Assistant

He played Banzai in The Meta King

He played Diesel in Sora and Friends

He played Bartok in Ediestasia

He played Joe in Help! I'm A Sea Creature

He's an evil and intelligent fish

He played The Huntsman in Smurfette White and the Seven Turtles

He played Gantu in Kai Lan & Chase and Chase! The Movie

He played Cri Kee in Cassielan and Cassielan 2

He played Bartholomew in The Great Spider Detective

Plankton is an alcoholic. He is constantly seen drinking from a beer mug and becomes disappointed whenever he runs out. During Blowhole's song, when Dr.Blowhole dumps a bottle of champagne into his water fountain, Plankton gets very excited and immediately runs over to the fountain, where he starts drinking from it. Then Blowhole kicks him and Plankton falls and starts swimming around in it. When Dr.Blowhole talks about his history with Naills, Plankton starts crying about the part that Dr.Blowhole never had a moment's peace in mind.

Later, when they are finishing up a verse of the song, he drunkenly says, "To Blowhole, the world's greatest rat!", which makes Dr.Blowhole very mad (as he despises being called a rat). He throws him outside the hideout and summons Pink Panther with a bell. However,Plankton is too drunk to notice him, and he easily catches and eats him. Plankton starts drunkenly singing the praises to Blowhole and is swallowed whole just as he is about to call his vengeful boss a rat again. After a short period of mourning from the other henchmen,Dr.Blowhole suggests that they finish the song before he has Pink Panther eat the rest of them, which they do out of fright.