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Shira is a female saber-tooth tiger from Ice Age: Continental Drift.

She played Mai In Avatar: The Last Airbending Animal

She is a Fire Nation noble

She played Senna In The Legend of Princess

She is the avatar's mother

She played Lady in The Sabertooth Couples 1 and The Sabertooth Couples 2

She is a Dog

She played Jenna in Diegoto

She is a husky

She played Ladybug in Miraculous: Tales of Shira and Diego, Miraculous New York (JesseTheLogoRemaker) and Miraculous Shanghai (JesseTheLogoRemaker)

  • She's a superhero.

She played Sasha in All Critters Go to Heaven 2

She is Charlie Barkin's love interest

She played Princess Fiona [Ogre] in Diego Shrek

She is Shrek's Wife 

She played Mittens in Lightning McQueen (Bolt), Tod (Bolt) and Tod (Bolt): Super Chicken Little

She played Sabine Wren in Star Wars: Rebels (Youknowhatmoviesucks Style)

She is the Explosive Artist 

She played Queen Double Jaw in Sid vs and Sid vs Big Cat Trilogy

She is an Alien Overlord

She played Ariel in The Little Saber, The Little Sabertooth and The Little Smilodon

She is a mermaid

She played Babs in Feline Run

She is a Hen

her voice by Jennifer Lopez, Shira played Jennifer Lopez in Shira Lopez

She is a rockstar


  • In Forest Age 4: Continental Drift- Played by Aleu
  • Animal Age (series) and Animal Age series (Otto Gameplays13 version) - Played by Adult Nala
  • Wildlife Age 4: Continental Drift - Played by Jenna
  • Animal Age: Contintuel Drift (WolfeOmegaGirl) - Played by Kate
  • Kingdom Age 4: Continental Drift - Played by Astrid
  • Narnia Age 4: Continental Drift - Played by Tauriel
  • Jedi Age 4: Continental Drift - Played by Jennifer Parker
  • Castle Age 4: Continental Drift - Played by Eowyn
  • Animated Age 4: Continental Drift (Chris1703 Style) she is Played by Herself


  • Husband - Diego
  • Son - Kodi (Ice Age 6: ???)
  • Daughter - Holly (Ice Age 6: ???)
  • Mates - Ellie, Granny and Brooke
  • Niece - Peaches
  • Father - Samson