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Shizuka Itō (伊藤 静 Itō Shizuka, born December 5, 1980 in Tokyo) is a Japanese voice actress and singer. She is represented by Ken Production.[2][3] When voicing adult games, she is also known as Maya Takashi (高志 麻矢 Takashi Maya), Suno Toba (鳥羽 すの Toba Suno), Teruka Neno (祢乃 照果 Neno Teruka) and Rina Misaki (美咲 里奈 or 三咲 里奈 Misaki Rina). Itō loves drinking very much. She and fellow voice actress Hitomi Nabatame formed a voice acting unit called "Hitomi Nabatame and Shizuka Itō". Together they are known by the name Hitoshizuku (ひとしずく), which is Japanese for "a single droplet". In 2012, on her 32nd birthday, she announced that she had married.


  • Mina/Sailor Venus - Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal
  • Bianca - Pokemon
  • Ahsoka Tano - Star Wars: The Clone Wars
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