MichaelSar12IsBack's Movie Spoof of "Robin Hood".


  • Robin Hood-Adult Simba (The Lion King)
  • Robin Hood Disguised as a Stork-Rafael (Rio (2011))
  • Robin Hood Disguised as a Fortune Teller-Kairel (Noah's Ark)
  • Little John-Yogi Bear
  • Maid Marian-Adult Nala (The Lion King)
  • Prince John-Makunga (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa)
  • Sir Hiss-Kaa (The Jungle Book)
  • Friar Tuck-Panda (Skunk Fu!)
  • The Sheriff of Nottingham-Brer Fox (with Brer Bear as an extra) (Song of the South)
  • Alan-A-Dale-The Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland (1951)
  • Lady Kluck-Terk (Tarzan)
  • Nutsy and Trigger-Bull Gator and Axel (Taz-Mania)
  • Otto the Dog-Eeyore (Winnie the Pooh)
  • Skippy Rabbit-Fievel (An American Tail)
  • Sis Rabbit-Tanya (An American Tail)
  • Tagalong Rabbit-Yasha (An American Tail)
  • Mother Rabbit-Mama Mousekewitz (with Papa Mousekewitz as an extra) (An American Tail)
  • Toby Turtle-Ding-A-Ling Wolf
  • Mr. Turtle (Toby's Father)-Hokey Wolf
  • King Richard-Zuba (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa)
  • Church Mice-Timmy Brisby and Jenny McBride (The Secret Of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue)
  • Rhino Guards-The Predators (Noah's Ark/El Arca)
  • Executor Guard-Dagnino (Noah's Ark/El Arca)
  • Sheepdog Archer-The Colonel (101 Dalmatians (Animated))
  • Warthog Archer-Pumbaa (The Lion King)
  • Wolf Archers-The Weasels Guards (The Prince and the Pauper (1993)
  • Captain Crocodile-Ben Ali Gator (Fantasia)
  • Jusey-Screaming Black Frog (Disney's Screaming Animals (2004)
  • Neewjawrhino-Chernabog (Fantasia)
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