The Parody Wiki

Balto as Buster Moon

- Perita (101 Dalmatian) as Miss Polzy

- Max (The Secret Life of Pets) as Eddie

Adult Kiara (The Lion King 2) as Rosita

Kovu (Lion King 2) as Norman

Pes (пёс) As Gunder

Puppies Dalmantin (101 Dalmatian) as children Rosita and Norman

Raven (Young Teens Go! To the Movies) as Nana Noodleman

- Kate (Alpha and Omega) as Butler Nana Noodleman

- Nick Wilde as Bob the News Dog

Robin (wolf) (wolfhounds) as Ash

- Mab (wolf) as Lance

Bolt as Becky

- Rhino (Bolt) as Mike

Lady (Lady and Tramp) as Nashi

- Lou (Cats and Dogs) as Bear Chief

Hover (my pride) as Johnny

Nothing (my pride) as Johnny's father