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Sir Battlescarred is Lalaloopsy Land's very own chivalrous knight! He's a fearless hero who loves archery, play sword-fighting, and storming the castle, but he always makes peace by lunchtime. His name is based off of the title one must address a knight as, as well as his surname which reflects his seasoned experience in battle where his scars are his trophies!

About Sir


Sir Battlescarred is a young boy with light brown skin and peachy-pink cheeks. His eyes are black buttons, while his hair is brown and about ear length.

He wears a shirt that is half white and half red. The collar is silver/gray. His sleeves are metallic silver, resembling the chainmail a knight may have worn underneath his armor. Along with this, he wears gray pants with silver knee-guards, and tall black boots with a steel toe and brown sole.


Sir Battlescarred's pet is a small, water-blue dragon. His mouth, stomach, and other small segments of his body are a lighter shade of blue and he has plain black button eyes.


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  • May 29th is End of the Middle Ages Day.
  • Sir Battlescarred and Lady Stillwaiting are the only Lalaloopsies who share their sewn pattern with someone else.
  • He has a two-stitched scar on the right side of his face.


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