Mr Hector

Hector Felipe Corrio, alias Skate Lad, is the other male member of Teamo Supremo. He is a young Mexican kid who lives with his unnamed mom and dad (who runs the sporting goods store) and his two infant sisters known only as "The Twins". He was recruited to the team due to his superb skateboarding skills. Prior to his recruitment, he had been the state's skateboarding champion for three years running and was up for a new challenge. As Skate Lad, he uses a special jet-propelled skateboard to outrun his opponents.

At times, Hector can be a little stubborn. In the episode "Something Cheesy Comes This Way!", he initially refused to help because the villain of the day was a cheese cook he was a big fan of, and he did not want to accept that she had turned to a life of crime. He also once got upset when it seemed like his teammates were preferring the skills of Scooter Lad (who turned out to be a crook) over his. However, he is loyal to the cause and always comes to the team's aid in the end. Template:Teamo Supremo

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