Nikkdisneylover8390's video game of "Conker's Bad Fur Day".


  • Conker the Squirrel - Skippy Squirrel (Animaniacs)
  • Berri - Slappy Squirrel (Animaniacs)
  • The Panther King - Tai Lung (Kung Fu Panda)
  • Weasel Guards - Psycho Weasel and Stupid Weasel (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
  • Birdy - Kermit the Frog (The Muppets)
  • Professor von Kripplespac - Smarty Weasel (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
  • Mrs. Catfish - Miss Kitty (An Amrican Tail 2: Fievel Goes West)
  • The Great Mighty Poo - Oogie Boogie (The Nightmare Before Christmas)
  • Rockmen - Rock Monsters (Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island)
  • Don Weaso - Greasy Weasel (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
  • Paulie - Wheezy Weasel (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
  • Count Batula - Fuzzy Acorns (SpongeBob SqaurePants)
  • Count Batula's Bat Form - The Great Animal (The Swan Princess)
  • S.H.C. Sergeant - Grayson (The Nut Job)
  • Heinrich - Xenomorph Queen (Aliens)
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