The Avengers (2012) (Justin Bonesteel Style)

Dodger'sPartyFan2570 Movie Spoof of Sleeping Beauty


  • Prince Philip-Dodger [Oliver and Company]
  • Princess Aurora-Rita [Oliver and Company]
  • Flora-Perdita [101 Dalmatians]
  • Fauna-Georgette [Oliver and Company]
  • Merryweather-Saha [All Dogs Go To Heaven 2]
  • Maleficent-Shenzi [The Lion King]
  • King Stefan-Francis [Oliver and Company]
  • Queen Leah-Dixie [The Fox and The Hound 2]
  • King Hubert-Nava [Balto ]
  • Lackey-Phil [Hercules]
  • Samson-Stripes [Racing Stripes]
  • Diablo The Reaven-Fidget [The Great Mouse]
  • Dragon Maleficent as Herself
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