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Slick, A.K.A. Experiment 020, is an illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba Jookiba and a character in the Lilo & Stitch franchise. He is designed to sell anything to anyone like a professional by using his sales pitch and auctioneer-like stratagems. However, once he starts selling, he is not programmed to stop. His one true place is selling for charity and fundraisers at Lilo's hula school.

Befriended from another series

Note: this is only a parody and most likely will never happen in real series

Team Rocket gang consists of Jessie, James, Wobbuffet, and Meowth. They're all currently an 'ohana to Slick and the other 2 genetic experiments they've met.

Outside of Lilo and Stitch series, his current 'ohana and a new friends were Team Rocket group, but he was originally handled by Jessie as her business part time partner (from Pokémon). He maybe an antagonist to Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Goh, and Cinderace (due to the fact that he was being an honorary member of the Team Rocket), but his relationships to his other cousins, especially to Lilo, still hasn't changed, as he was still part of an 'ohana. Secretively, he was also a good friend to Ash, Pikachu, Goh, and Cinderace if Jessie or Team Rocket wasn't around. Slick was officially and originally discovered by Jessie, but their first meetup wasn't that good. She and Slick didn't have a good relationship at first when they met up as a coworkers from an ice cream truck which she was temporarily taking it as a part time job. She and Slick always competing on whoever gets many customers first, they will collect more money and profits, which always Slick's gets the highest profit. But when Slick noticed Jessie's dissapointment on their competition, he started to talk with her, which make Jessie get's even more dissapointed in him that time. But when their other ice cream truck competitor came, which challenged Jessie to a sell-off, Slick was willing to help her and forget their unsettling competition, which at first Jessie refuses the offer. When the day of the competition came, Jessie got into trouble at first, forcing her to finally settle her argument with Slick, and finally having their teamwork paid off, by beating their rival ice cream truck in a competition. After the contest, finally Jessie and Slick managed to fix and mend their hatred relationship and started to befriended with each other. In disguise, Dr. Jumba saw how Jessie and Slick was doing well with each other (since Dr. Jumba was first seen by Jessie while he's attempting to help Ash and Pikachu saving Sparky's (221), lighthouse, which still unfortunately being wrecked and impossible to be fixed, and officially making Ash and Pikachu a new "ohana" to Sparky), and to keep himself a low profile to Jessie, he decided to give Slick to Jessie as he already seen a possible "ohana" relationship to both of them, despite that he knew that she was a member of Team Rocket, and Jessie happily accepts it, making Slick a newest member of "Team Rocket". However, he decided to keep his business more slickier, so Jessie and the team decided to keep him on thier hideout and make a smooth business on himself and to keep him out of their bad stealing attempt scheme. (Meaning he's a lookout and at the same time, a secret moneymaker for them), but still Jessie's friend and a new "ohana". He may also appeared sometimes at the middle of the battle with their so-called "twerps" whenever needed, just to distract them.