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Slushy, A.K.A. Experiment 523, is an illegal genetic experiment created by Jumba Jookiba and a character in the Lilo & Stitch franchise. He is designed to be a freeze inducer, making mostly ice and snow. As his deep-freeze programming continues, he makes icy blizzards, mile-high snowdrifts, and keeps all leftovers edible for six months. His one true place is making Shave Ice with Dupe.

Befriended from another series

Note: this is only a parody and most likely will never happen in real series

Chloe Park, she is currently an 'ohana to Slushy, but originally discovered by Ice Bear and his Pokémon partner, Ice Jr. (a Cubchoo) before Houdini appeared.

Outside of Lilo and Stitch series, his current 'ohana and a new friend was Chloe Park (from We Bare Bears), but originally once belong to Ice Bear and his Pokémon partner, Ice Jr. (a Cubchoo), just befire Houdini appeared, and somehow decided to give it to her, since he already have Ice Jr. on his side.

Under Ice Bear and Ice Jr.'s company

Slush was originally discovered by both Ice Bear and Ice Jr. (a Cubchoo), when Ice Bear received a mysterious call from someone, stating that they've handling one of an unusual robotic beings on their possession, and if he will not surrendering his "automated vacuum" will be tearing him down to pieces. Ice Bear and Ice Jr. jumps into action, bringing his vacuum, so they want to see what was the mystery caller was hiding. Upon reaching the mystery caller's hideout, Ice Bear shocked to find out that his mortal human enemy, Barry, which causing him so much trouble from the past, even before Ice Jr.'s arrival, was responsible for the call, but he's got even surprised that he handled something unusual being, which is an ICY body being. Barry, demanded Ice Bear's vacuum in exchange that if he wants to see the poor being, alive and safe and still into whole piece, and blackmailing him that it will shattered that being into pieces. Ice Bear refused and commanded Ice Jr. to use its "Icy Wind", but it was also the same trick he used, a hologram. By then, Barry flashed the light to that being and finally revealed to be an alien-like ice body penguin who was restrained and wants to let go of being tied up. Ice Bear attempts to save it while Barry was being distracted by Ice Jr.'s moves, but he failed many times, until a big fella arrived at the scene, shooting a laser goo to the power source of the hologram, which Ice Bear and Ice Jr. confused on who did that surprise shooting attack on the power source of holographic Barry. Instantly, Barry revealed himself to Ice Bear and Ice Jr. confronting and threathened them to kill the said being, which Ice Beae and Ice Jr. never moved an inch. However, just before he finally break the being into pieces, another laser shoot was also launched from a mysterious being from the left side which Barry's hand was been hit, forcing his sledgehammer to unhand. Barry's shouting on who did that, and finally, revealing themselves from the dark, it was one of the former member of the Galactic Armada, turned, criminal twice, and again and currently, an undercover agent, Gantu, and his galley officer slash sidekick experiment (who also eats a sandwhich while revealing himself), Reuben. Realizing that Barry had no match for them now, he forced to escape, but still threathening both Ice Bear and Ice Jr. that it wasn't their last seen of him.

After Barry's dissapearance, Gantu and Reuben, ripped off the rope that was been tied up to the said being, and somehow giving it to Ice Bear and Ice Jr., as they had no intention of getting it anyway. Gantu and Reuben told Ice Bear and Ice Jr. that the being that they've handled was none other than the genetic experiment created by Jumba Jookiba himself, "Experiment 523" or "Slushy", Reuben also added that his cousin of his had an ability to turn hot and humid weather into cold and snowy paradise. It can also create a shaved ice with his former partner Dupe. After Gantu and Reuben handled Slushy to Ice Bear and Ice Jr., just before Ice Bear said anything, they left, however, their voices still be heard as they told both Ice Bear amd Ice Jr. that they will keep an eye on them and to Slushy while they're around. Slusjy spents time with Ice Bear and Ice Jr. as a playmates, but also as a sidekick and a bodyguard too whenever they xame out on a secret mission. He also reunited with h is other cousins, who was at that time, being befriended by Ice Bear's other brothers; such as Stitch, and Shoe, until his separation with them to live for his other new 'ohana.

Under Chloe Park's company