Sly Cooper

Sly Cooper is a raccoon thief and main protagonist. He Is Also The Son Of Mushu And Minerva Mink And A Husband Of Carmelita Fox And A Father Of Ratchet And Lola The Fox He Has His Friends Bently The Turtle,Murry The Hippo And Carmelita Fox From Interpol He,His Gang And Carmelita Join Nick's Team On His First Adventure

He played Biggs Darklighter in Animation Star Wars

He Played Po In Kung Fu Raccoon

He Played Tarzan In Sly Cooperzan

He Played Manny In Creature Age (Kiaha Rockz Style)

He played Tulio Trivino in 31 Minutes: The Movie (Kiaha Rockz Style)

SC4 Sly Cooper
SC1 Sly Cooper
SC2 Sly Cooper
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