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Here is my Spoof from my first PG-13 Movie, the Transformers Movies

Falco lombardi as Optimus Prime

Kirby as Bumblebee

Pikachu as Ironhide

Zelda and Pit as Ratchet

Ness and Jigglypuff as Jazz

Peach, Daisy and Zelda as Arcee's

Fox Mcloud as sideswipe

Mario as Roadbuster

Luigi as Leadfoot

Yoshi as Topspin

Peppy Hare as Wheeljack/Que

Marth as Mirage/Dino

Shadow the Hedgehog as Jetfire

Greninja as Crosshairs

Shulk and Robin as Autobot Drift

Donkey kong and Captain Falcon as Autobot Hound

Ice climbers as Skids and Mudflap

???? as Grimlock

Sonic as Hot Rod

Lucas as Cliffjumper

Ganondorf as Megatron/Galvatron

Mewtwo as Sentinal Prime

Bowser as Blackout/Grindor

Bowser Jr as Scorponok

Mr Game and Watch as Frenzy

Wolf o Donnell as Barricade

Dark Pit as Starcream and Dropkick

King K rool as Brawl

King Dedede as Blitzwing

Meta Knight as Sideways and Soundwave

Sephiroth as Lockdown

Dark Kirby as Stinger

Master Hand as the Fallen

Petey Piranha as Devastator

Gengar as Shockwave

Rob as Decepticon Soilders

Dark Samus as Shatter

Phineas and Mordecai as Sam witwicky and Cade

Isabella and Margaret as Mikaela

Rigby as Leo

Grunkle Stan as Ron Witwicky

Wendy as Judy Witwicky

Star Butterfly as Charlie watson