Snivy is a character in Pokémon and is one of Skunk's love interests (the other is fox). By the film Clash of the Links, she killed the people who want to marry her (not counting Skunk).

Snivy played Annie in Snivy (Annie)

She is a little orphan girl.

Snivy played Melody in The Little Mer-Sally 2: Return to the Sea

She is Ariel's daughter.

Snivy played Chihiro in Spirited Away (Uranimated18 Style)

She is a girl.

Snivy played Ariel in The Little Snivy

She is a mermaid.

Snivy plays Pocahontas in Snivyhontas and Snivyhontas 2: Journey to a New World

She is an Indian princess.

Snivy plays Mulan in Snivylan and Snivylan II

She is a Chinese princess.

Snivy plays Ponyo in Snivyonyo

She is a fish who will transform into a girl.

Snivy played Lola in The Looney Toons Show (SkunkRockz Style)

She is a bunny.

Snivy played Juliet in Skunkeo and Snivyet

She is a garden gnome.

Snivy played Anna in Frozen (Kids Style)

She is a princess.

Snivy played Wyldstyle/Lucy in The Mammal Movie

She is a wild woman made from Legos.

Snivy played Princess Jasmine in Skunkladdin (Kids Style)

She is an Arabian princess.

Snivy played Wendy Darling in Skunk Pan (Kids Style)

She is a girl.

Snivy played Neera in Dinosaur (Michaelsar12isback Style)

She is a dinosaur.

Snivy played Charlotte in Snivy's Pokéball and Snivy's Pokéball 2: Digit's Great Adventure

She is a spider.

Snivy played Kiki in Snivy's Delivery Service

She is a witch.

Snivy played Kitten Edmond in Rock-A-Godzilla

She is a kitten.

Snivy Plays Celia Mae in Cartoon Creatures Inc. and Cartoon Inc. (My Version)

She is a monster with Medusa-like hair.

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