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Snotty Boy is a bully.

He played Nuka in The Medieval King II: Garrett's Pride

He is Stupid Lion

He Played In Anarioladdin

He is Guard

He played Carl in Deadly Friend (NimbusKidsMovies Animal Style)

He is a biker gang

He played Bartholomew in The Great Nerd Detective

He played Vlad Vladikoff in Yukihime Hears A Care Bear (2008)

He played Splatter in Eric Cartman And Friends And Eric Cartman And The Magic School

He is a Train

Snotty Boy plays Iago in SteveAladdin



  • Wife-Darla Sherman
  • Sons-Duncan and Vector
  • Daughter in law-Courtney
  • Grandsons-Dustin Harlan McCann Sr., Thomas Roshan, Nelson Roshan, Walter Roshan
  • Granddaughters-Agatha Trunchbull, Mrs. Nolia Honey, Nora Roshan
  • Great-grandsons-Dustin Lawrence "Justin" McCann Jr., Steven Lionel and Jacob Kirby Whitsell
  • Grandfather-Jafar
  • Grandmother-Ursula
  • Father-Dr. Pablo Motos
  • Mother-Eris