Snow white Update
Snow White is a princess from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Voice Actors:

  1. Adriana Caselotti - English
  2. Mary Kay Bergman - English
  3. Carolyn Gardner - English
  4. Katherine Von Till - English
  5. Stephanie Sheh - English
  6. Gwendolyn Yates Whittle - English
  7. Natsue Washizu - Japanese
  8. Amparo Garrido (Speaking Voice) - Spanish (1964 Dub)
  9. Lupita Pérez Arias (Singing Voice) - Spanish (1964 Dub)
  10. Maggie Vera - Spanish
  11. Vikina Michel (Singing Voice) - Spanish
  12. Mar Bordallo - Spanish
  13. Yolanda De Las Heras (Singing Voice) - Spanish
  14. Manja Doering (Speaking Voice) - German
  15. Alexandra Wilcke (Singing Voice) - German
  16. Sandra de Castro - Portuguese
  17. Melina Hammer - Italian (1972 Dub)
  18. Christiane Tourneur - French (1938 Dub)
  19. Béatrice Hagen (Singing Voice) - French (1938 Dub)
  20. Lucie Dolene - French (1962 Dub)
  21. Valerie Siclay - French (2001 Dub)
  22. Rachel Pignot (Singing Voice) French (2001 Dub)
  23. Anna Lotta-Larsson - Swedish (1981 Dub)
  24. Maria Modzelewska - Polish (1938 Dub)
  25. Edyta Krzemień - Polish (2009 Dub)
  26. Váradi Hédi (Speaking Voice) - Hungarian (1962 Dub)
  27. Szonja Oroszlán - Hungarian (2001 Dub)
  28. Haźy Erzsbét (Singing Voice) - Hungarian (1962 Dub)

Snow White played Rapunzel in Tangled (Disneystyle8)

Snow White played Marina in The Pebble and the Human (Disneystyle172 Style)

She is a penguin

Snow White played Catty Elephant in Cody (Dumbo)

She is an elephant

Snow White played Belldandy in Dumbo and Simba's Regular Show in "Think Positive" and Snow White, My Goddess: The Movie

She is a first-class goddess

Snow White played Elsa in We're Back!: A Mammal's Story (Disneystyle8 Style)

She is a purple Pteranodon

Snow White played Dumbo in Snow White (Dumbo)

She is a baby blue elephant

Snow White played Sonic the Hedgehog in Snow White Adventure, Snow White Adventures 2 and Wreck-it Simba

She is a blue hedgehog

Snow White played Shadow The Hedgehog in Ariel The Mermaid (Sonic the Hedgehog) & Ariel Riders

She is an Red Striped Black Hedgehog

Snow White played Kathleen "Kat" Harvey in Simba (AKA Casper (CoolZDane Style)

She first met Young Simba

Snow White played Mrs. Potts in SpongeSailor Moon: Homer the Unfriendly Ghost and Goddess and the Skunk (AKA Beauty and the Beast)

She is an teapot

Snow White played Barmaid in The Great Meerkat Detective

Snow White played Twilight Sparkle in My Little Disney: Friendship is Magic (disneystyle172 style)

She is a unicorn pony

Snow White played Belldandy in Dumbo and Simba's Regular Show in "Think Positive" and Snow White, My Goddess: The Movie

She is a Goddess

Snow White played Kiki in Snow White's Delivery Service

She is a young witch

Snow White played herself in Snow White and the Seven Animals (Disneystyle8 Style)

She is A princess herself

Snow White played Lisa Simpson in Disney The Simpsons and SpongeDumbo Meets Jedite the Strangler and Disney The Simpsons Movie

She is A little Girl

Snow White played Miles Tails Prower in Dumbo X (AKA Sonic X)

She is A Two Tailed Fox

Snow White played Mrs Jumbo in Roo (Dumbo) and Snow White (AKA Dumbo)

She is An motherly elephant

Snow White played Baloo in The Kingdom Book

She is an blue sloth bear

Snow White played Serena Tsukino/Sailor Moon in Sailor Snow White (Disneystyle8)

She is A Moon Princess/Saior Senshi

Snow White played Ariel in The Little Mermammal, The Little Mermammal 2: Return to the Sea, and The Little Mermammal 3: Snow White's Beginning

She is a Mermaid/Human

Snow White played Giant Troll in Bridge to Terabithia (Disneystyle172 Style)

She is a friendly troll

Snow White played Chava in Fiddler on the Roof (brucesmovies1 style)

She is a Third Daughter

Snow White played Mary Poppins in Snow White (Mary Poppins) and Snow White (Mary Poppins version)

She is a nanny

Snow White played Queen Mousetoria in The Great Super Italian Detective

She is a mouse queen

Snow White played Esmeralda in The Wolf-Dog Of Notre Dame and The Neverland Boy of Notre Dame series

She is a Gypsy woman

Snow White played Jane Porter in Princezan and Princezan (Disneystyle172 Style)

She is Tarzan's mate

Snow White played Tanta Kringle in Flynn Claus is Comin' to Town

She is a wise queen

Snow White played Carlotta the Maid in The Little Summer Girl

She is a maid

Snow White played Joy in Inside Out (Oriana160 Style) and Inside Out (Disneystyle172 Style)

She is a yellow emotion

Snow White played Princess Fiona (Human) in Balto (Shrek) and Robin Hood (Shrek)

She is a Green dressed princess

Snow White as Brenda in Sausage Party

She is a Hot Dog Bun

Snow White will play Teresa Del Taco in Sausage Party (Light and Darkness style)

She will be a Taco

Snow White will play Sophie in The BFWM (1989 version)

She will be a little girl

Snow White will play Snow Height in Adventures of Simba the Lion: Simbally Ever After

She will be a tallest princess

Snow White Plays Princess Leia in Star Wars (Jean-Claude style)

She is a Princess of Alderaan and a twin sister of Luke Skywalker

Snow White Plays The Grandcouncil Women in Kai Lan & Chase and Chase! The Movie

Snow White Plays Lisa in The Room (Jean-Claude Style)

She plays Johnny's wife

Snow White Plays Heather Chandler in Disney's Heathers

She is the most popular girl at Westerburg High School, and the main antagonist



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