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Soleil Spacebot is one the main characters in Nelvana's 1986 Animated Television Series, The Spacebots. She is the eldest of three sisters and has a crush on Sam Spacebot. She is voiced by Jen Tolley. She is Yellow Kirby's cousin. She has the ability to fly (she can carry others while flying), she is capable of surviving in space and levitation. She is also Orbit's best friend. Her best friend is Lydia Deetz.

Soleil played as Alice in Soleil In Wonderland

Soleil played as Joy in Inside Out (The Care Bear Team Style) & Inside Out (The Best of 1961 Style)

Soleil played as Strawberry Shortcake in Soleil Spacebot (Strawberry Shortcake)

Soleil played as Ariel in The Little Yellow Spacebot

Soleil played as Honey Lemon in Big Hero 6 (LooneyNelvanaTunesRockz Style)

Soleil played as Anna in Frozen (LooneyNelvanaTunesRockz Style)

Soleil played as Cinderella in Soleilrella

Soleil played as Linda Gunderson in Rio (LooneyNelvanaTunesRockz Style) and Rio 2 (LooneyNelvanaTunesRockz Style)

Soleil played as Celia Mae in Looney Nelvana Tunes, Inc.

Soleil played as Jasmine in Samladdin, The Return of Commander Zurg and Samladdin and The King of Theives

Soleil played as Serena/Sailor Moon in Sailor Soleil, Sailor Soleil (VIZ) & Sailor Soleil Crystal

Soleil played as Mina/Sailor Venus in Sailor Tomira, Sailor Tomira (VIZ) & Sailor Tomira Crystal

Soleil played as Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz (LooneyNelvanaTunesRockz Style)

Soleil played as Mario in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (Hotheart123 Version)


  • Super Strength

Voice Actors:

  1. Jen Tolley - English
  2. Rica Matsumoto - Japanese
  3. Cristina Hernandez - Latin Spanish
  4. Marta Barbara - European Spanish
  5. Lizette Pålsson - Swedish
  6. Rama Messinger - Hebrew
  7. Magali Barney - European French
  8. Emanuela Pacotto - Italian
  9. Agusta Eva Erlendsdóttir - Icelandic
  10. Annevig Schelde Ebbe - Danish
  11. Caroline Combrinck - German
  12. Ecaterina Nazare - Romanian
  13. Ülle Toming - Estonian




  • "Gosh!"
  • "They don't call me Miss Sunshine for nothing!"
  • "I am so lucky to protect my sisters in no time!"