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Soleil Spacebot is a character of the television show, The Spacebots. She appears in Rosemary Hills, making her debut in Cosmic History.

Voice Actors:

  1. Jen Tolley - English
  2. Rica Matsumoto - Japanese
  3. Cristina Hernandez - Latin Spanish
  4. Marta Barbara - European Spanish
  5. Lizette Pålsson - Swedish
  6. Rama Messinger - Hebrew
  7. Magali Barney - European French
  8. Emanuela Pacotto - Italian
  9. Agusta Eva Erlendsdóttir - Icelandic
  10. Annevig Schelde Ebbe - Danish
  11. Ecaterina Nazare - Romanian
  12. Caroline Combrinck - German
  13. Yuliya Mayarchuk - Ukrainian
  14. Ülle Toming - Estonian


Slender, 19 years old, light yellow-fair skin, orange freckles, pink lips, long red hair, green eyes.


Beautiful, cheerful, sunny, smart, sweet, lovely and kind.


Cosmic History:

  • Gosh! (her catchphrase)
  • Golly! (her second catchphrase)

Milly's Christmas Stories:

  • I'm sure Milly will think of something. (she talks to Sam.)
  • I knew Milly wouldn't let us down. (she thinks Milly is doing a good job.)