Sonic Boom Sonic 2

Sonic as bolt


Luvil as mittens

Detective Pikachu

Detective pikachu as rhino

Gogo Tomago as Sailor Mars

Gogo tomago as penny

Sonic Boom Eggman

Dr eggman as dr calico


Kooky von koopa as the veteran cat


Big mouth koopa jr as the fat cat


Shadow the hedgehog as bolt lookalike

Merida as The Husband

Merida as penny’s mother

Wreck it ralph as Henry the light green engine

Wreck it ralph as Penny’s tv father

Judge Claude Frollo

Judge Frollo as the director

OU Aiden

Aiden as the agent

Abis Mal

Abis Mal as The thug

Tiana as Happy

Tiana as mindy

Baby Sonic in Dragon Rockz

Baby sonic as young bolt

S1e14 Mabel happy1

Mabel pines as young penny

Minions Despicable Me

Minions as pigeons at new york

Thomas and Friends Poster

Thomas and friends characters,

Other tugs characters by danparkerstudios-d34hu6c

And tugs characters as pigeons at califorina

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