The Parody Wiki


Roary the Racing Car as Stan Marsh (Both Main Characters and Heroes)

Thomas the Tank Engine as Eric Cartman (both wear red and blue and Rude and arrogant sometimes)

Dipper Pines (with Mabel Pines as Extra) as Kyle Broflovski (both ten years old and smart)

Dizzy as Kenny McCormick (both wear orange)

Cici as Wendy Testaburger (both wear pink and girlfriends to Roary and Stan)

Maxi as Gregory (both rivals to Roary and Stan)

James the Red Engine as Clyde Harris (both wear red and vain sometimes)

Hudson as Butters Stotch (Both have blonde hair and silly at times)

Chuckie Finster as Ike Broflovski (both toddlers)

Apple and Onion as Terence and Philip (both comedic duos)

Mario as Chef (both wear red shirts and blue pants)

Principal Skinner as Mr Garrison (both can teach)

John Bennet as Mr Mackey (M-Kay)

Chaz Finster as Gerald Broflovski

Kira Finster as Sheila Broflovski

Sally Carrera as Sharon Marsh (both love Lightning and Randy)

Lightning Mcqueen as Randy Marsh

Breeze as Shelley Marsh

Rebecca the Yellow Engine as Liane Cartman (both mothers to Thomas and Eric)

Bob the Builder as Stuart McCormick

Wendy as Carol McCormick

Diesel 10 as Satan (both evil, have similar shapes and in hell)

Diesel as Saddam Hussein

Mr Incredible/Bob Parr as Army General

Henry Hart as Le Mole

Soos Ramriaz as Big Gay Al (both big, tall and overweight)

Triple G as Token Black (both brown and start with T)

Rosie the Pink Engine as Heidi Turner

Professor Oak as Dr. Vosknocker (both Scientists)

Mater as Jimbo Kern

Cooter Davenport as Ned Gerblanski

Sherriff Rosco p Coltrane as Officer Barbrady (both Sheriff of Hazzzard County and Police Officer of South Park)

Drifter as Bill Allen

Martha Kaply as Red (both have red hair)

Parifica Northwest as Bebe Stevens (both have blonde hair and girlfriends to Dipper and Kyle)

Tom Tucker as Tom Pusslicker (both have the same first name and newsreporters)

Tin Top as Fosse McDonald

Dr. Hartman as Dr. Doctor (both Doctors)

Herbie the Love Bug and Percy the Small Engine as Themselves (Stan and Cartman Best Friends)

Gordon the Big Engine as Himself (Cartman Father)

Scoop, Muck, Roley and Lofty as Themselves (Kenny Older Brothers)