Space Jam (MelodyPurplePrincess Style) is Sarah West's spoof of the 1996 Warner Bros. film, Space Jam.


James Bond wants to retire from fighting crime in his life, and pays attention to baseball, just like Michael Jordan did, but he was terrible at baseball. Meanwhile at a circus, Rigatoni hires in Fidget, Digit, Bartok, and the 2 grand slam demons to capture Woody Woodpecker and the other Walter Lantz cartunes to attract more customers! so, Woody Woodpecker and the other Walter Lantz cartune characters needed help. Meanwhile, at the park with Vesper Lynd and other friends of James Bond, James Bond tries to shoot a wanted pygmy picture, but James Bond got plunged into a hole where James Bond eventually squeezes through the Universal Pictures logo to get crashed down into the world of Walter Lantz cartunes, and James Bond is encountered by Woody Woodpecker, Andy Panda, Chilly Willy, a light skinned Harlem woman, Mammy, Winnie Woodpecker, Pooch The Pup, Gabby Gator, and other Walter Lantz cartune characters. James Bond eventually team up with The Walter Lantz cartunes to defeat Rigatoni and his new batch of minions in the biggest battle event in history.



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