Chuck E. Cheese as Bugs bunny


Helen Henny as Lola bunny


Talking Tom as Daffy Duck


Abu as porky pig

Rocko (Wallaby)

Rocko as Sylvester


Arlo as tweety bird

Widow Tweed in The Fox and the Hound

Widow tweed as granny

Nutty New Pic

Nutty as Taz

570px-Ludwig NSMBWii

Ludwig Von koopa as Marvin the Martian

Clayton (Tarzan)

Clayton as elmer fudd

Hadrian Ep8

Hadrian as Yosemite sam

Sonic SSBB

Sonic the Hedgehog as road runner

Profile - Lucifer

Lucifer as wile e. Coyote

Disco Bear dances

Disco Bear as Pepe le pew

Mighty Eagle in The Angry Birds Movie

Mighty eagle as foghorn leghorn

Gnomeo in Sherlock Gnomes

Gnomeo as micheal jorden


Katsuma as sniffles


Ferdinand as toro

Tuck & Roll

Tuck and roll as hubie and bertie

Juliet in Sherlock Gnomes

Juliet as Juanita jorden

Timmy T.

Timmy Turner as Marcus Jordan


Benjamin Kirby (Ben) Tennyson as Jeffery Jordan

Young Anna

Young Anna as Jasmine Jordan

Bloom butterflix cgi by bloom2 d8r4g8c-fullview

Bloom as Jordan housekeeper

Frozone in The Incredibles

Luicus best/frozone as Stan Podolak

Homer Simpson

Homer as Larry bird

Download (1)steve

Steve as Bill Murray

Maurice octet-stream

Maurice as comissioner


Lord hater as mr swackhammer

Ursula transparent

Ursula as Witch hazel


Koda as pound (orange nerdluck)


Runt as bang (green nerdluck)

The Backyardigans Pablo Nickelodeon Nick Jr. Character Image

Pablo as Blanko (blue nerdluck)

Thumper happy3

Thumper as nawt (red nerdluck)

Pikachu in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate!

Pikachu as bupkus (purple nerdluck)

Over the hedge vincent

Vincent as pound (orange monstar)


Raegar as bang (green monstar)

Tank Evans

Tank Evans as blanko (blue monstar)

Springtrap (Tony Crynight)

springtrap as nawt (red monstar)


Soto as Bupkus (purple monstar)

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