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Specs Reads-a-Lot is Lalaloopsy Land's littlest genius! She might just be a toddler, but she's oh sew smart! She's a great student who loves eating apples and getting gold stars. She's a bit bashful, and she prefers to not talk a lot. But, she still gets good grades! Specs is the younger sister of Bea Spells-a-Lot. Her name comes from the alternate term for glasses, which she does, and also the fact that she loves to read!

About Specs


Specs shares many similarities with her older sister, Bea: Fair skin, pink cheeks, blue eyes, and orange colored hair. She has straight cut bangs and a little bit of hair worn at the top of her head in a ponytail held with a magenta bow. She also wears a big pair of magenta/fuchsia glasses over her eyes with tape in the center, holding the two pieces together, which implies that they have been damaged previously.

Specs' attire almost resembles a school uniform, much like her older sister's. She has a white shirt with a small pink colorful tie. Worn over this is a pair of black overalls with magenta shoulder straps, a big pocket, and a button below both straps. Her outfit has many small pink polkadots over it, while the rolled up parts of her overalls reveal colorful pink cloth. Specs wears white socks with a single orange stripe around the top and fuchsia Mary Janes with an orange button on each strap on the outer side.

Silly hair Specs wears a cute pink dress with tiny white polka dots and collar. The ends of her sleeves are black, matching her black and white tennis shoes with bright magenta shoelaces. Her bloomers are a reddish-magenta color. She wears her normal glasses.


Specs Reads-a-Lot's pet is a small green inchworm, often depicted as a "bookworm." It has black eyes, short antennae, a black nose, and a small black pair of glasses.


Specs lives in the library home with her older sister Bea.


  • March 14th is Pi Day and Einstein's Birthday.
  • She is the first Lalaloopsy Little with colored eyes, the others being Kiwi Tiki Wiki and Breeze E. Sky.
  • Specs and Breeze E. are the only Littles with blue eyes.
  • She, Dynamite and Tinymite are the only Lalaloopsy characters to wear glasses.
  • She shares her hairstyle with Trinket Sparkles.
  • Specs' mini does not have the tape around the middle of her glasses.
  • Specs shares her birthday with Tuffet Miss Muffet.
  • Specs is the first little to have a hair accessory.


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