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Spencer is a silver streamlined tender engine. During his first visit to Sodor, Spencer took the Duke and Duchess of Boxford on a trip around Sodor. He ignored Gordon's warnings about taking on water and thus ran out - Spencer attributed the incident to a leaky tank.

Upon his next visit, Spencer challenged Edward to a race and maintained a lead for the majority of the race, but vainly fell asleep while the Duke and Duchess stopped to take photos and lost to Edward, after Edward got onto the summerhouse branch first.

Spencer plays Betrayus in Thomas and the Ghostly Adventures and Jack and the Ghostly Adventures

He is a ghost

Spencer plays Robbie Rotten in Thomas/Lazy Town: Hero for a Day, Thomas/Lazy Town: Sleepless in Lazy Town and Thomas/Lazy Town

He is a mean character

Spencer plays Sideshow Bob in Spencer's Last Gleaming, The Italian Spencer Thomas/The Simpsons Ride, Thomas/The Simpsons Ride at Universal Orlando, Thomas/The Simpsons Birthday Ride and Thomas/The Simpsons Birthday Ride at Universal Orlando

He is a prison sidekick

He plays Count Razoff in Thomas (Rayman) (Julian Bernardino's Style)

He is a hunter. Spencer the Silver Engine/Gallery