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Splatter and Dodge (collectively referred to by Diesel 10 as "Splodge", a portmanteau of their names) are Diesel 10's bumbling sidekick diesels and the (former) secondary antagonists, who work for Diesel 10 in Thomas and the Magic Railroad 

Other voice actors

SplatterNeil Crone Patrick Breen (workprints)


Kevin Frank Patrick Breen (workprints)



Splatter and Dodge


  • Splodge (by Diesel 10)
  • Spladge (by Diesel 10) (workprints)




[1] England


Technical Details


BR Class 08


4'8½" (1,435 mm; standard gauge)

Power type





Diesel shunters

Fuel type





6 each

Top speed

20 mph


British Railways


BR Derby works

Year built



Thomas and the Magic RailroadEdit

Splatter and Dodge are two diesel shunters who, at one point, worked alongside Diesel 10, who referred to them as "Splodge", claiming he did not have time to say both names. They did not take a liking to their boss when he collectively refers to them as "Splodge" and grew impatient with them when they asked him questions about his scheme. They are also seen moving rolling stock at Tidmouth Sheds.

At Diesel 10's Mountain, Diesel 10 wanted to get rid of the railway's steam engines as well as the lost engine, and they were complacent with his plans, regularly keeping a lookout for their boss and being present when he was scheming. As time went on Splatter and Dodge spent their time mocking their boss and pointing out the flaws in Diesel 10's scheme causing Diesel 10 to lose his temper and cause trouble during his temper problems.

They arrived at Tidmouth Sheds and spied on the steam engines, until Harold flew by, spreading sneezing powder, dumped by Diesel 10, over them and Thomas. The next they arrived at the Smelter's Yard, and listened to Diesel 10's plan to destroy the lost engine and the other engines, however Toby overheard their plans, and rang his bell to distract Diesel 10, causing his claw to knock the shed over the diesels, trapping the diesels.

The next point, they showed how useful they can be to Diesel 10 when they found the Magic Buffers, but instead of going through them, they decide to tell Diesel 10 the following morning. Percy witnessed this and went back to warn Thomas.

However, the two eventually grew tired of Diesel 10 and when he tried to chase down Lady and Thomas, they refused to follow him and told him to do his own dirty work.

What happened to them after that is unknown, although it can be assumed they returned to the Mainland after being found out by Sir Topham Hatt.


Both engines are simple-minded, awkward, cowardly and tend to banter. Splatter is the more talkative of the two, while Dodge is more intelligent. Although Percy fears them, they do not have the intelligence or villainy to match Diesel 10's. They enjoy watching Diesel 10's plans backfire, but are also prone to making a mess of things. Despite initially siding with Diesel 10, they seem reluctant to destroy a fellow engine, even a steam engine, and eventually abandon Diesel 10 in the end.

Technical DetailsEdit


Splatter and Dodge are based on BR Class 08 diesel-electric shunters. Over seventy members of this class survive today in preservation, while around 100 remain in service on the national rail network. They were in fact the most successful shunting engines in the world, with 996 of them built. Dieselthe Diesel Shunter'Arry, BertPaxtonSidneyUlli, the Mainland Diesels and Fernando are also members of this class.

However, unlike the other BR Class 08s, Splatter and Dodge have been modified without ladders going up each side of their fronts.


Splatter and Dodge's basis


Splatter is painted purple and grey while Dodge is painted olive and grey. Both are heavily weathered, and have their names painted on their sides in white.


Thomas & FriendsEdit



  • Splatter and Dodge were the last characters created by Britt Allcroft before she left the production team.
  • A behind the scenes picture shows them without their names.
  • Splatter and Dodge are repainted from 'Arry and Bert's fifth series models. The hazard stripes from the latter diesels are even visible under their paintwork in a rare promo. According to an interview with Chris Lloyd, their models never came back from Canada after filming of Thomas and the Magic Railroad was complete. This however is untrue, as the models were reverted back into 'Arry and Bert in the sixth series. The purple is visible under one of them in Calling All Engines.
  • Splatter and Dodge's television series models do not have handrails, yet some of their merchandise lines do, possibly modelling after Diesel.
  • In one of the original scripts:
    • Splatter and Dodge never turned on Diesel 10. Instead, George, who was to be one of Diesel 10's henchmen, turned on them by telling them to destroy the magic buffers themselves when they ordered him to do so, causing them to rush at them, only to smash into each other and derail. In another version of the script, they were trapped in a siding when Junior, helped by George, pushed a large boulder down into their path.
    • Another difference from the original script was that their boss referred to them as "Spladge" instead of "Splodge."
  • Early concept artwork shows that Splatter was going to have hazard stripes of some kind along the lower portion of his body, and Dodge was going to have handrails on his running plate. In addition, both were drawn with significantly different facial features to one another.
  • Some production made Splatter and Dodge face masks are currently in possession of Diesel10TV on Twitter.
  • Splatter and Dodge were originally intended to return in Day of the Diesels, however they were later dropped and replaced by Paxton and Sidney, who share the same basis.[1]
    • According to Railway Consultant Sam Wilkinson, Splatter and Dodge were also considered in place of the Mainland Diesels in The Great Race.[1]


Behind the ScenesEdit

Dodge and Splatter were made as supporting antagonists for Thomas and the Magic Railroad. Originally, they were to be dim-witted and slavishly loyal to Diesel 10, though in the final film, their incompetence was retained while they betrayed Diesel 10 in the end. The two only appeared in the Magic Railroad, and were dropped from drafts for Day of the Diesels and The Great Race. Both speak with clear American accents, though Patrick Breen was originally meant to voice both of them. Neil Crone took the role of Splatter in the final cut, while Kevin Frank took the role of Dodge.

Concept ArtEdit


Splatter Concept Art


Dodge Concept Art

Gauge 1 ModelsEdit

Splatter and Dodge's models were recycled from 'Arry and Bert's models, which were custom built to run on Gauge 1 track and created out of moulds of Diesel's model.

Splatter's chassis was constructed from scratch, utilizing Tenmille split spoke wagon wheels, while Dodge reused Diesel's chassis which was sourced from a gauge 1 locomotive made by Märklin, the BR 80. They were powered by electricity from the track via the pickups on the metal wheels.

There were five different facial expressions sculpted for both Splatter and Dodge, although only four were used on screen. The faces were first sculpted in clay and from that resin casts were made using a silicone mould.

The eye mechanism had two servos, one for up and down movement and one for left and right movement. The up/down servo was attached to the body. The left/right servo had a rod attached to the arm, which connected to a bracket. The eye balls were coupled to the bracket and locked in by the face-plate, so whenever the servos were powered, the eye balls would move however the crew member desired.


Splatter's Model without name


Dodge's Model without name






The hazard stripes from 'Arry/Bert are even visible under Splatter/Dodge paintwork




In night scenes Splatter and Dodge’s lamps were powered by hidden battery packs.



After the events of Thomas and the Magic Railroad, Splatter and Dodge's models were reverted back to 'Arry and Bert, and Dodge's chassis was refitted back onto Diesel. After the switch to CGI, the models (as 'Arry and Bert) used to be on display at Nitrogen Studios.


Splatter and Dodge's models, as reverted back to 'Arry and Bert




Splatter and Dodge's facemasks in 2019

Voice ActorsEdit



They play two Knaaren Warriors in Thomas (Rayman) (Julian Bernardino's Style)

They are two invincible beasts.

They play two of the Titans in Raymancules (ThomasTenCents34526's Style)

  • They are two of Hades' titan minions.

They play two of Abis Mal's henchmen in Raymanladdin 2: The Return of Dr. Robotnik (ThomasTenCents34526's Style)

  • They are two of Abis Mal's henchmen.