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*Stan Marsh (South Park) as Oliver
*Robin (Teen Titans) as Dodger
*Starfire (Teen Titans) as Rita
*Beast Boy (Teen Titans) as Tito
*Raven (Teen Titans) as Francis
*Cyborg (Teen Titans) as Einstein
*Philip J. Fry (Futurama) as Fagin
*Connie Maheswaran (Steven Universe) as Jenny Foxworth
*Jasper (Steven Universe) as Sykes
*Yellow Pearl (Steven Universe) as Roscoe
*Blue Pearl (Steven Universe) as Desoto
*Terra (Teen Titans) as Georgette
*Doug Maheswaran (Steven Universe) as Winston
*Supergirl & Batgirl (DC) as Dodger's fangirls
*the Stranger Things kids as passersby
*Clyde Donovan (South Park) as blue kitten
*Kevin Stoley (South Park) as tan kitten
*Kyle Broflovski (South Park) as white kitten
*Tweek Tweak (South Park) as gray kitten #1
*Craig Tucker (South Park) as gray kitten #2
*Butters Stotch (South Park) as brown kitten
*Kenny McCormick (South Park) as black kitten 
*Beach City residents (Steven Universe) as townspeople
== Differences ==
* Francis, Sykes, Roscoe & Desoto are genderswapped.
* It takes place in Empire City, a city in the Meggieverse, with landmarks such as the [ Petronas Towers], [ Copper Gate Bridge] and [ Millifest]. 
Raven (Teen Titans 2003).png
Phillip J. Fry.png
Connie As Nakoma.png
Jasper Finish.png
Terra 1.png
SupergirlJLU.png|Fangirl #1
BR 34 - Batgirl.jpg|Fangirl #2
This Dustin meme..png|I'm sorry I had to put this meme for Dustin
Kenny McCormick.png
<gallery orientation="none">
Stan-marsh.png|The cutest and nobody wanted him...
Tuxedo Robin.jpg|WOO WOO WOO WOO WOO
Connie-steven-universe-2.94.jpg|Connie discovers Stan
Terra 2.png|Terra being sexy for fanboys
Jasper - With Weapon.png|Jasper pissed at Fry
Teen titans bb and terra.jpg|Terra flirting with Beast Boy
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