All characters and their love intrests in GLA, SXJ and NR1.

List of Couples

  • Stanley Griff x Joy
  • Mac Foster x Frankie Foster
  • Dennis (Stanley) x Tinker Bell 
  • Nemo x Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup 
  • Adam Lyon x Kerry Anderson 
  • Homer Simpson x Marge Simpson 
  • Marlin x Dory 
  • SpongeBob SquarePants x Sandy Cheeks
  • Patrick Star x Princess Mindy
  • Star Butterfly x Marco Diaz
  • Oh x Disgust
  • Robin x Starfire
  • Beast Boy x Raven
  • Jake Spidermonkey x Sandess
  • Darwin Thornberry x Eliza Thornberry
  • Alex x Gia
  • Marty x Lisa Simpson
  • Melman x Gloria
  • Cayteano D. Flores x Master Tigress
  • Manny x Ellie
  • Diego x Shira
  • Sid x Brooke
  • Simba x Nala
  • Nick Wilde x Judy Hopps
  • Mr. Hornbill x Mrs. Tusk
  • Caillou x Dora Marquez


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