PrinceAnarioandPrincessOrianaRockz's movie-spoof of "Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith"


  • Obi-Wan Kenobi - Prince Anario
  • Young Adult Anakin Skywalker - Peter Pan
  • Adult Padme Amidala - Melody (The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea)
  • Yoda - Master Roshi (Dragon Ball)
  • Palpatine/Darth Sidious - The Horned King (The Black Cauldron)
  • Count Dooku - Captain Hook (Peter Pan)
  • C-3PO - Rocko (The Pebble and the Penguin)
  • R2-D2 - Hubie (The Pebble and the Penguin)
  • Chewbacca - Exile (Road Rovers)
  • Tarfful - Blitz (Road Rovers)
  • Suited Darth Vader - Andy Foley (Aka The Beast of Evil)
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