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Steele is an Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky mix who is Balto's rival and the main antagonist in the animated film, Balto.


Steele plays Palpatine/Darth Sidious in Animation Star Wars

He is a sith lord

Steele plays Kirby in The Brave Little Kodi

He is a vacuum cleaner

Steele plays Clueless Morgan in Childrens Tonight (Muppets Tonight)

Steele plays Farley in Fa Mulan's Sword 2: Thomas' Great Adventure

He is a fox

Steele plays Shere Khan in The Mobius Book and The Classic Book

He is a tiger

Steele plays Scar in The Wolf-Dog King

He is a lion

Steele plays Scud in Cartoon Story (Davidchannel Version)

He is a Dog

Steele plays Troy in Animated Party (Sausage Party)

He is a sausage who loves picking on Barry, and is a potential fatality of the Great Beyond.

Steele plays Nuka in The Scooby Doo King (ScoobyDooTheDogRockz Version)

He is a evil lion

Steele plays Hades in Baltcules

He is the Greek god of the underworld

Steele plays Jafar in Baltladdin, Baltladdin II: The Return Of Steele, Todladdin, and Todladdin 2: The Return of Steele

He is a sorcerer

Steele plays The Mouseking (in Flashback) in The Fox Prince (Uranimated18's Style)

Steele plays Gaston in Beauty and The Echidna and Beauty and the Genie

He is an arrogant hunter

Steele plays Shan-Yu In Jenlan

He is the leader of the Huns

Steele plays Jenner in The Secret of N.I.M.H. (Davidchannel's Version)

He is a Evil Rat

Steele plays Captain Hook in Humphrey Pan

He is a pirate

Steele plays Professor Devlin in Skippy in New York

He is Tabitha's partner and co-leader of the thugs

Steele plays Prince John in Balto Hood and Pongo Hood

He is a prince

As Flotsam in The Little Mer-Husky

He is a Moray eel

Steele plays Maccus in Animals Of The Caribbean

He is a cursed pirate with the head of a Hammerhead shark

.Steele plays Tai Lung in Kung Fu Wolf

He is a Snow leopard

Steele plays Unalaq in The Legend Of Kate

He is a man from the Northern Water Tribe

Steele plays Scarface in The Animals Of Animation Wood

He is a blue fox

Steele plays Brainiac in Superwolf: The Last Son Of Krypton

He is a Kryptonian computer and villain

Steele plays Augustus May Who in How The Wolf Stole Christmas (2000)

He is a who and the mayor of Who-Ville

Steele plays Darth Vader in Star Wars (Mistercartoonmovie Style)

He is a Sith lord

Steele played Prince Achmed In Dodgerladdin and Kodiladdin

He is a prince

Steele played Chief in The Wolf-Dog & The Hedgehog

He is a hunting dog

Steele Played Clavius In The Swan Dog 2: Escape From Castle Mountain

He is The Magic Shaper

Steele played Carface in All Wolves Go to Heaven and All Wolves Go to Heaven 2

He is Itchy and Charlie's Arch Nemesis

Steele played Shan Yu's Bodyguard in Kiara (Mulan) and Aleulan

He is Shan yu's Bodyguard

Steele played Honest John Worthington Foulfellow in Dumbo (Pinocchio)

He is a fox

Steele Played Rasputin in Vixeystasia

He is an evil monk

Steele Played Professor Ratigan in The Great ilovecakeAJ Detective

Steele played Air Conditioner in the Brave Little Puppy

Steele Played Wheezy Weasel in Who Framed Devon and Cornwall the Dragons

He is a weasel

Steele Played Red Skull in Captain Balto: The First Avenger

He is the leader of Hydra.

Steele Played Reptile in Animal Kombat (Vinnytovar Style) and Animal Kombat II (Vinnytovar Style)

He's a Creature Ninja of Outword

Steele Played Megatron (Transformers) in Wolf-Formers Series

He's a leader of the Decepticons


  • Simbalto - Steele played by Shere Khan
  • Todto - Steele Played by Buster
  • Dannto - Steele played by Cat R Waul
  • Ericto - Steele played by Clayton
  • Romeoto - Steele played by Joe the Pilot Fish
  • Flikto Steele Played By Hopper
  • Bodito - Steele Played By Linnux
  • Dariento He is Played by
  • Ashto (170Movies Style) He is Played by James (Pokemon)
  • In Simonto He is Played by Uncle Harry
  • In Basilto (Chris1703 Style)He is Played by Ratigan
  • Shaggy (Aka Balto) he is Played by Ben (scooby doo and ghost)