Stinky is young and enthusiastic, and he still has a lot to learn. He is very proud of being a skunk and the way he smells.

His best friend and co-host is the wise and gentle Jake the Polar Bear.

He was also a guest on one show, where he tells Jake about skunks and how they use their tails to defend themselves. He even sings "The Skunk Song."


  • Hometown: North American woodlands
  • Age: 7.5 years old (in skunk years)
  • Personality: Co-host of "The Animal Show".
  • Appearance: Black and white skunk with white hair, white eyebrows, and a mostly white bushy tail.
  • Occupation: Host of "The Animal Show."
  • Goal: Learn about animals from various species.
  • Gender: Male
  • Alignment: Good
  • Family: Stinky's Mommy (mother), Aunt Sniffy (aunt), John Boy (brother), Peter (brother), Sue (sister), Davey (brother), Stevie (brother), Frank (brother), Brian (brother), Whiffy (cousin)
  • Friends: Jake the Polar Bear, Armstrong the Chicken Hawk, Ollie the Tapir, Bunnie Bear, Yves St. La Roach, Tizzy the Bee, Rhonda Rat, Dullard the Aardvark, Lawrence the Orangutan
  • Enemies: Ernie the Mongoose (formerly)
  • Likes: Stink and Squeaking Sound
  • Dislikes: Achilles the Shark (formerly), being an endangered species, Guffrey the Vulture (formerly)
  • Powers and Abilities: He raises his tail up in the air and sprays away, makes squeak sounds like Stanlety the Mouse

Voice Actor

  • Dave Goelz
  • Kevin Clash


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