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Stitch is a blue alien in Lilo and Stitch.

Voice Actors

  • Chris Sanders (all Western media)
  • Benjamin Diskin (Stitch! and Stitch & Ai)

He Played Jack Bear in Lilo & Stitch (Goldie & Bear)

He is a bear

He Played Oliver in Stitch & Company

He is a kitten

He Played Gurgi in The Black Cauldron (Arthurrulez Style)

He is a dog-like creature

He Played the Beast in Beauty and the Alien

He is a beast

He Played Bill the Lizard in D.W. in Wonderland

He is a lizard

He Played Ariel in The Little Mer-Stitch

He is a mermaid

He Played Wolfie in Lilo (Vampirina)

He is a werewolf

He Played Pikachu in Pokemon (WeLoveAnimation Style)

He Played Spike (Rugrats) in Rugrats (WeLoveAnimation Style), The Rugrats Movie (WeLoveAnimation Style), Rugrats In Paris: The Movie (WeLoveAnimation Style) and Rugrats Go Wild (WeLoveAnimation Style)

He Played Boo as an extra with Lilo in Ohanas Inc.

He is a baby girl