Stoick The Vast

Stoick The Vast is Hiccup's father from How To Train Your Dragon.

He played Hakoda in Avatar: The Last Airbender (PrinceBalto Human Style)

He is a father

He played Adult Avatar Roku Avatar The Last Airbender Coolzdane Style

He is a Fire Nation-born Avatar

He played Mufasa in The Viking King

He is a lion

He played Winston in Alpha and Omega (Brermeerkat Style)

He is a wolf

He played Wayne Gibson in Hiccup and Jack Frost

He is Gunther's father and Jason's stepfather

He played North aka Santa Claus in Rise of the Guardians (Brermeerkat Style)

He played Marlin in Finding Hiccup

He is a clown fish

He played Zeus in Hiccupcules

He is a God



  • In How To Train Your Wild Animal- Played by Winston (Alpha & Omega)
  • In How To Train Your Lion Played By Baloo
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