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Stray Dogs is character from Lady and The Tramp.

They were tough looking street dogs

Stray Dogs.jpg

As The Crew Of Davy Jones In Animals Of The Caribbean NuclearZoen Style

They are cursed sailors

As Pack of Wolves in Beauty and the Pokémon (LionKingRulezAgain1)

They are terrible wolves who trying to attacks on Sailor Venus (AKA Belle) while Mewtwo (AKA Beast) protected her and battled against Three Stray Dogs

As The Horned King's Henchmen In The Black Cauldron (SuperWhyMovies Animal Style)

He is a Horneds

As Hunter Dogs in Skippy (Bambi)

They were Man's dogs

As Spearow and Fearow in Disney Pokémon (Disneystyle172 style)

They were wild bird Pokémon

As Thanos' sons in Dynamite's Cinematic Universe

They are Thanos' servants along with The Bear from Balto and Janja as Ebony Maw.


In Brainy & The Krypto Played By Various Canine Villains