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"I hope my snow becomes a cherished memory for everyone!"
— Sugar, episode 24 closure

Sugar (シュガー) is one of the main characters of A Little Snow Fairy Sugar. She is a female snow fairy apprentice working to learn how to be a full fledged season fairy. She comes to the human world for the final part of her training which requires her to find a so-called "Twinkle". Sugar acts much like a toddler with a clumsy nature who often tries her best at things but messes up because she doesn't always think things through. She loves to kiss anyone she is fond of when happy, and even inanimate objects. The one who is most flustered by this is Salt.

After Saga first feeds her a waffle, she comes to love treats, and waffles become her favorite food, though she can't pronounce the word and instead calls them "waffos". She soon comes to use the term "Waffo!" as an interjection when excited. In the manga adaptation, she was familiar with the word before eating one.

She is later joined by two other fairies, Salt and Pepper. They are her best friends, and often accompany her on her search for a "Twinkle". She might have a crush on Salt, as she does things to indicate this, but it is not proven (she never outright states her crush on him).