Sugar is a Total Drama Contestant, She looks like Honey Boo Boo and Darla Dimple.

Sugar played as Darla Dimple in Kids Don't Dance

She is a mean little girl, who hates animals.

Sugar played as Queen Victoria in The Teenage-Pirates: Bands Of Misfits

She is the pirate-hating Queen of England.

Sugar played as Valerie in Codename: Total Drama Contestants Next Door

She is Numbuh 5's School Rival, Who is the Homework-Eating Were-Dog.

Sugar played as Diamond Tiara in My Little Total Drama Contestant: Friendship Is Magic

She is Apple Bloom's Rich, Remorseless, Rude, Unsympathetic and Snobbish School Bully.

Sugar played Hyacith Hippo in Fantasia (ilovecakeaj style)

she is a hippo

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