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Symbiote Spider-Man is a 2009 Animated TV Series Based on the Comic of Symbiote Spider-Man Starring the Voice of Johnny Yong Bosch as the Voice of Tyler Klause/Symbiote Spider-Man It Aired on Kids WB the Background music for TMNT 2003 Code Lyoko and Martin Mystery is Used for Six Seasons.


  • Tyler Klause/Symbiote Spider-Man (Voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch) - Is a Cyber and the Protagonist of the series and found the symbiote in professor windlenut's museum the symbiote bonded with tyler and he becomes the dark superhero to protect evreyone he formed a strong group with Adagio Rina Sonic Maddie fang and Benjamin to Protect the Planet and Help tyler control the symbiote Tyler shares a goodfriendship with Adagio Sonic and Benjamin His brothers fang and maddie help him out crying gets him really angry or when someone's in trouble the symbiote bonds with him and he becomes symbiote spider-man ready to protect evreyone he loves.
  • Adagio (Rock Dog OC) (Voiced by Josh Keaton) - Is a Wolf and Tyler's Best Friend and Lives in Professor Windlenuts Museum and runs the exibits he even remembers his parents bodi and darma he often comforts tyler and helps him on missions
  • Rina Tôin (Voiced by Brina Palencia) - Is a Green Mermaid/Idol and Tyler's Girlfriend she Even turns her self into a mermaid when she sees water she also turns into her idol form to help tyler distract bad guys with her singing witch makes the bad guys go crazy
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Voiced by Roger Craig Smith) - Is a Blue Hedgehog and a Ally to Tyler He's Also Carring to Him His Friendlyness like Tyler's Coolness He often watches tv runs around he also helps tyler control his symbiote and protects it from all danger he often has a hancker for Chilli Dogs
  • Fang Klause (Voiced by Todd Haberkorn) - Is a werewolf and tyler's brother he often howls at the moon witch drives his brother crazy he often quites him by putting him in the dumpster he often transforms into his werewolf form under the full moon
  • Maddie Klause (Voiced by Stephanie Sheh) - Is a Cyber and Tyler's Sister she is also a mermaid she even has a crush on fang but is to shy to admit it she often turns into a mermaid when she's in water
  • Benjamin Cooper (Voiced by Benjamin Diskin) - Is a Cooper and Sly's Son He often Helps the Others with Knowledge and He Often Gets Along with Tyler and Gives Him Advice He follows Sly's Footsteps and When the Others get Trapped He Calls For Tyler's Symbiote by Whistling and The Symbiote Bonds with Tyler

Supporting Characters

  • Robotboy
  • Data 7
  • Blake Belladonna
  • Spyro the Dragon
  • Professor Caninestien
  • The Winx
  • B-Bop A Luna
  • 2t Fru-T
  • Do-Wah Diddy
  • Sly Cooper
  • Carmelita Fox
  • Bodi
  • Darma
  • Danny Phantom
  • Weiss Schnee
  • Sora
  • Tormund
  • Roberta
  • Unknown Ranger


Guest Stars

List the characters who appear in each episodes and what episodes are the characters in.


  • Professor Windlenut's Museum
  • Crystal Dimension


  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Dramedy
  • Cyberpunk
  • Time Travel Fiction


Season 1: Tyler Finds the Symbiote at Windlenut's Museum and Bonds with It He Becomes Symbiote Spider-Man the Dark Superhero of Acmetropolis and Formed a Strong Group with His Friends Especially his girlfriend Rina Toin Together they Protect Acmetropolis from the Sinister Six, Carnage, Kraven, Mysterio, Venom, Lizard, Swarm, Green Goblin, and the new Villan Psycho Goblin.

Season 2: Ben Tennyson tells Tyler and Adagio about he's joining the Justice League. 

Season 3: Tyler His Three Siblings and Sonic Discover the Secrets of the Windlenut Museum as they Investigate More about professor windlenut and fight the villians

Season 4: Red is Magra's son who is revealed to be the Unknown Ranger 

Season 5: The Villians Prepare to Take Over Acmetropolis So Tyler and His Siblings with Benjamin and Sonic will do evreything to defeat the villans find the ghosts in the museum and save acmetropolis as long as tyler controls his symbiote powers how hard can it be?

Season 6: The Final Season Tyler breaks into the Crystal Dimension and Destroy's The Sinister Six and a Dark Secret is Revealed Adagio's Former Brother is Trey Meanwhile The Winx and Blake Kiss Tyler in the Bathroom having sex.

Season 1 Episodes

  1. Symbiotic Discovery
  2. You Will Never Be All Alone
  3. We're Always Here With You
  4. Strong Together
  5. Underground Masqurade
  6. Tangled Webs
  7. The Deepest Fear
  8. Who Do You Think You Are
  9. The Last Resort
  10. Come Out Wherever You Are
  11. Winner Fakes All
  12. A Wolf's Home is Her Castle
  13. Artifact
  14. Hypnosis
  15. Tyler Tonic
  16. Friend or Foe
  17. Olympic Games
  18. When In Rome
  19. The Jewel of the Emeralds
  20. Three Kids and a Mermaid
  21. Dunes Day
  22. Mummy Dearest
  23. Kid in the Symbiote Suit
  24. Six is a Crowd
  25. Flying Base (Power Emeralds Quest Part 1)
  26. Wedding Day Blues
  27. No Cyber is an Island (Power Emeralds Quest Part 2)
  28. Getting to Know You (Origins Part 2)
  29. New Symbiote In Town (Power Emerald Quest Part 3)
  30. Symbiotic Bond (Origins Part 3)
  31. Community Crisis
  32. Aircraft In Space
  33. Healer
  34. Rina's Choice
  35. The Big Meltdown
  36. Vampires
  37. Adagio the Monster
  38. The Art of Destruction
  39. The Necklace
  40. Grave Danger
  41. Green Goblin for President
  42. A Date to Not Forget
  43. Mean Machines
  44. Sewer Quest
  45. Prized Fights
  46. Attack on Maximum Fortress
  47. Map of Mayhem
  48. The Volcanic Adventure
  49. The Beggining of the End
  50. Running Out of Time
  51. Friends Till the End
  52. A New Start
  53. A Cosmic Call
  54. Cosmic Crisis
  55. H2 Whoa
  56. A Enemy In Need
  57. A Chilling Discovery
  58. Desperatley Seeking Adagio
  59. Galactic Gumshoes
  60. Final Confrontation

Season 2 Episodes

  1. Well I'll be the Son of a Symbiote
  2. Frights of the Round Table
  3. No Pharoh At All
  4. Secrets of Pokepark
  5. Ones who Saved the Future
  6. Passing the Torch
  7. Infiltration
  8. Field Trip
  9. Search and Protect
  10. Wish Palace
  11. No Brakes
  12. Breach
  13. Forever Fall Part 1
  14. Forever Fall Part 2
  15. Ben Joins the Justice League

Season 3 Episodes

  1. Discovering the Museum
  2. Secret Entrance
  3. Office and Library
  4. Strange Beasts, Amazing Plants, and Workshop
  5. The Bedroom and Study
  6. Mysteries of the Deep
  7. The theatre & projection room
  8. The clocktower
  9. Tombs and curses room
  10. The Funeral Rites room
  11. The Shaman room and Gods & Killing items
  12. The Myths and Legends room
  13. The Platenerium, secret passage and subterranian world
  14. The storage and Mans Inhumanity to Man room
  15. The Puzzle room
  16. Capturing the 9th luxpi
  17. The fortune teller
  18. Powering down the generator

Season 4 Episodes

  1. Uknown Ranger's Secret Identity Revealed
  2. New Mission
  3. Symbiote Spider-Man vs The Neo Sinister Six
  4. Save the Day
  5. Curse of the Octopus
  6. Whatever Fate awaits you awaits me
  7. The Accord
  8. Servant of Master
  9. The Psycho Rangers Attacks
  10. Swarm Returns
  11. Venom Rises
  12. In The Shadow of Venom
  13. Secrets
  14. The Past and Future
  15. Fusion
  16. Symbiote Elbem: Fates
  17. Fire Meets Fate
  18. No Safe Heaven
  19. Close to Me
  20. Home Museum Home
  21. So Sorrowful
  22. All Powerful
  23. Search for Adagio 
  24. Rina Foolish
  25. Mister Puck
  26. Code: Earth
  27. Psycho Goblin Descends
  28. Lost
  29. Something to Protect
  30. Prefection
  31. Truly Beautiful
  32. Life Will Change
  33. Roots of the King
  34. Siren Song
  35. Secret Siren
  36. The Winx Girls of The Windlenut Museum
  37. The Scarlet Lotus
  38. Show Me the Way
  39. My Fate
  40. Unatural
  41. Shadow is the Light
  42. Odd Future
  43. Dark Past
  44. Curses
  45. True Fear
  46. By You're Side
  47. Team Up
  48. Good Vs Evil
  49. Invasion
  50. Aliens

Season 5 Episodes

  1. Neo Sinister Six Rises Agian
  2. Protection
  3. Help
  4. Comic Book Superheroes and Fairy Tale Heroes Come Together
  5. Quest Begins
  6. Star Pieces
  7. Bloom's Siren Song
  8. Ghosts of the Past and Future
  9. Collide together
  10. Symbiote Spider-Man and His Team vs the Neo Sinister Six
  11. The Mask of Anubis
  12. Ancient Egypt God Anubis
  13. Possesion
  14. Adagio Becomes the New Ruler of Eygept
  15. Adagio Joins Imhotep
  16. Symbiote vs Ancient Eygept God
  17. Imhotep vs Symbiote Spider-Man
  18. Love is Dying with a Scream
  19. Escape in the Rain
  20. Imhotep Rises Agian
  21. Drift Away
  22. Symbiote Spider-Man vs Adagio (Anubis)
  23. Time to Cry
  24. Get Adagio Back
  25. Adagio Comes Back to His Senses
  26. Let's Kick Some Shell!
  27. Destroy the Anubis Mask
  28. Don't Give Up
  29. Sadness We Don't Know
  30. When Green Goblin Attacks
  31. Power of Doc Ock
  32. Totally Shocked
  33. Dephs of the Deep
  34. Protection
  35. Belonging
  36. Don't Loose Hope
  37. Something Worth Fighting For
  38. Protection
  39. Good vs Evil
  40. Flooding Land
  41. In The Middle
  42. Go Crazy
  43. Light in the Darknes
  44. Shimmer in the Shadow
  45. Light and Dark
  46. Acmetropolis is Invaded
  47. Space Aliens
  48. New Creation
  49. Journey Ends
  50. Happiness
  51. Maddie the Mermaid
  52. Mermaid's Kiss
  53. Get so Strong
  54. Found My Way
  55. Hold My Hand
  56. Candle Burning
  57. A Quiet Place
  58. Rock Band
  59. Exercize
  60. All that i Want

Season 6 Episodes

  1.  Inspiration of Sirenix
  2. The Power Emeralds
  3. The Flying Temple
  4. Symbiote Power
  5. The Golden Staff of Power
  6. Vortex of Time
  7. The Cursed Library
  8. Attack of the Demons
  9. Shrine of the Raven
  10. The Secret Ghosthouse
  11. Broken Nightmares
  12. Light in the Shadows
  13. The New Fairy Godmother
  14. Energized
  15. Mystery of the Cemetery
  16. Alien Invasion
  17. The Curse of Lavender Town
  18. The Staff of Dreams
  19. Hero for a Day
  20. Rina's Big Party
  21. A Monster Crush
  22. The Symbiote Cafe
  23. The Anthem
  24. Battle Begins
  25. Venom (Episode)
  26. Team Symbiote Forever

Theme Song

Gurenge (Opening for Season 1)

Ambiguous (Opening for Season 2)

When They Cry (Opening for Season 3)

Deal With The Devil (Opening for Season 4)

Magia (Opening for Season 5)

Desir (Opening for Season 6)


Voice Cast

Guest Stars

List the characters who appear in each one episode and what episode is the character in.

You Will Never Be All Alone

Final Confrontation


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