T.R. Chula is Cat R. Waul's spider lackey from An American Tail: Fievel Goes West.

T.R. Chula plays Banzai in The Cat King

He is a hyena

T.R. Chula plays Panic in Dannycules

He is Hades' green-blue henchman

T.R. Chula plays Seth in Oliver and Berlioz

He is Lindworm's partner in-crime

T.R. Chula plays Sir Hiss in Fievel Hood

He is a snake

T.R. played Mepps in Fievel and Tiger Rescue Rangers, and Courage & Scooby Rescue Rangers

He is a cat one of Fat Cat's gang

T.R. Chula plays Tick-Tock the Crocodile in Carface Pan

He is a crocodile

T.R. Chula played Ed in The Mouse King

He is a laughing hyena

T.R. Chula plays Bartholomew in The Great Tigger Detective

He is a drunken mouse

T.R. Chula plays Gazeem the Thief in Tiggerladdin

He is a thief

T.R. Chula plays Gideon in Davidnocchio

He is a cat

T.R. Chula plays Sullivan in The Secret of NIMH (CoolZDane Animal Style)

He is a rat

Voice Actors:

  1. Jon Lovitz (Movie 2) - English
  2. Dan Castellaneta (Fievel's American Tails) - English
  3. Kei Tomiyama - Japanese
  4. Santiago Ziesmer - German
  5. Roger Carel - French
  6. Olga Golovanov - Russian


  • In An American Tail spoof for Chris1702 he is played by ???.


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