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Taichi Tai Kamiya

Tai Kamiya is the main character of Digimon TV series and the leader of the DigiDestined.

As Aladar in Digimon (Dinosaur)

He is an Iguanodon.

As John Smith in Camillehontas

He is an Englishman

As Red in Pokemon Origins (1701Movies Human Style)

He is a Counterpart

As Phil DiPreta and a sub-director in Cold Case Toonime (Rotten Seeds Production)

  • S5E02 entitled That Woman, a secretively gay person which he was the one of the four members from "Hearts Wait Club" who was threatened to be exposed his secrets by Carrie Swett (portrayed by Zoe Orimoto) way back 1998. And he don't have any choice but to kill her, he punched and slapped her before she was stoned to death by his other friends in the group. He, alongside the other 3 were finally arrested after her case was re-opened once again.
    • He also written and sub-directed the S6E01 entitled Glory Days, whereas Ice Bear portayed Mike "Bad Moon" McShane as the main victim.