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Tail Terrier

Tail Terrier is a character in Krypto the Superdog.

He played Dack Ralter in Animation Star Wars


Although he is supposed to be from outer space, he most closely resembles a Scottish terrier. He uses his tail as a lasso and talks and acts like a cowboy. He has the record of appearing in all but one episode where the Dogstars appeared. The only Dogstar episode he does not appear in, along with Paw Pooch, is "Puppy Problems." He is best friends with Bull Dog. and briefly mentions to Krypto in the episode "The Good Life" that they are roommates.

Fisher Price made an action figure of him, making him one of the few members of the Dogstar Patrol (besides Bulldog and Hotdog) to have an action figure.

Tail Terrier's cosmetic appearance in the TV series is very similar to how he appeared in the original Superboy comic books (Issues #131 and #132), retaining the two-tone green color scheme. However, he appears to be a different breed in the comic books, resembling an Airedale Terrier rather than a Scottish Terrier.

Powers and Abilities

Alien Physiology: Tail Terrier is an alien dog from another planet who has the ability to manipulate his tail,

  • Tail Manipulation: Tail Terrier is able to extend his tail to various lengths to use similar to a rope and whip.


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