Talisa Samantha Korg-Eval (born August 30, 1967) is Prince Anario's mother.

Talisa Korg-Eval played Hera in Anariocules

She is Hercules' mother

Talisa Korg-Eval played Queen Tabitha in Orianalina

She is Prince Cornelius' mother

Talisa Korg-Eval played Ted's mother in The Beast (The Lorax; 2012)

Talisa Korg-Eval Played Mrs. Brisby in The Secret of NIMH (160 Movies Human Style)

She is a Mouse

Talisa Korg-Eval Played Tarzan's Mother in Anariozan

Talisa Korg-Eval Played Carol Parrish in Jumanji (160 Movies Style)

Talisa Korg-Eval Played Curdie's Mother in The Princess and the Spanish Villain

Talisa Korg-Eval Played Naveen's Mother in The Princess and the ???

Talisa Korg-Eval Played Queen Uberta in The Hen Princess

She is Derek's mother

Talisa Korg-Eval played Miriam in Anari-Hur

Talisa Korg-Eval played Mrs. Stoppable in Oriana Possible

Talisa Korg-Eval played Queen Mousetoria in The Great Nerd Detective

Talisa Korg-Eval played Teacher in Inside Out (PulleyBoyFan360)

Talisa Korg-Eval played Grandmother Fa in Camillelan

Voice Characters

  1. Maud Adams-English


  • Aunt-Roberta Korg
  • Husband-Patrick Eval
  • Father-George Korg
  • Mother-Nancy Smith-Korg
  • Sister-Lindsey Korg
  • Sister in law-Patricia Eval-Rowland
  • Parents in law-Gerald and Oletta Eval
  • Sons-Adam, Zachary and Alvin Eval (Aka Prince Anario)
  • Daughters in law-June Hilton-Eval, Pauline Eval and Princess Oriana
  • Grandsons-Matthew Eval and Gus
  • Granddaughters-Princess Camille, Rosie and Veronica Eval
  • Niece-Brittany Korg
  • Nephews-Jason and Justin Korg
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