Can you add more of these animals onto this page, please.

Can you actually add More of these animals onto this page, pretty Please. Just Like I've seen them on my Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Animals Category.

Hmm, I think this is a huge list of animals that appear in "Star vs the Forces of Evil  ", but can I use the latin names of the animals that appear in the show?

Yes you are rather, and you can add these pictures of animals in Star Vs the Forces of Evil if you want.

Like what animals?

Mammals, Birds, Invertebrates, Fish, Primates, Dinosaurs, Sea Mammals, Mythical Creatures, etc.

More please.

Can you add more animals like Wild ones, Prehistoric ones, Insect ones, Polar ones, Aqua ones, Forest ones & International ones, please.

Could you add more animals on this list, please.

Also, could you do Star Butterfly with Lemon Shark, Parrotfish, Columbian Mammoth, Utahraptor, White Rhinoceros, Dachsund, Domestic Yak, Domestic Duck, Electric Eel, Egyptian Sphinx, Common Carp, English Bulldog, Aardonyx, Black Soft-Shell Turtle, European Roller, Meadow Vole, Human Flea, Minotaur, Nilgai, African Wild Ass, Pachycephalosaurus, Spinner Dolphin, Williamson's Woodpecker, Cape Ground Squirrel, Eastern Grey Squirrel, Steller's Sea Cow, Bull Shark, African Fat-Tailed Gecko, Barn Owl & Common Crane, please?

Can you add more of these animals on Star Vs. the Forces of Evil, please?

You're not suppose to draw messy Animals. You're suppose to draw Animals in Star Vs. the Firces of Evil style.

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