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Tammy is a female squirrel in the episode "Adventures in Squirrelsitting". She wore a pink dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and blue jeans with the legs also rolled up. Her mother is Mrs. Squirrel and her little sister is Bink.


She played Fauna in Sleeping Pearl

She played Female Singers in Star Trekkin (NimbusKidsMovies AMV Version)

She played Bubbles in The Powerpuff Girls (Disney and Sega Animal Style)

She played One of Brock's Siblings in Pokemon (DinosaurKingRockz Animal Style)

She played Alex in Totally Spies (Disney and Sega Animal Style)

She played Misty in Pokemon (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)

She played Lita/Sailor Jupiter in Sailor Becky

She played Daisy in Pokemon (Chris1701 Style)

She played May in Pokemon Advanced Generation (400Movies Animal Style)

She played Ducky in The Land Before Time (1701Movies Style)

She played Officer Jenny in Pokemon (Chris1702 Animal Style)

She played Rini/Sailor Mini Moon in Sailor Brittany and Sailor Brittany (VIZ)

She played Audrey in Atlantis: The Lost Empire (399Movies Style)

She played Dawn in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (CartoonNetworkandSony Animal Style)

She played Amy/Sailor Mercury in Sailor Gadget (TheBluesRockz Style)

She played Diana in Sailor Roxanne

She played Violet in Pokemon (Chris1703 Style)

She played Emmy in Dragon Tales (Chris1702 Style)

She played Annika Settegren in Rini (Pippi Longstocking)

She played Molly Cunningham in TaleSpin (Ooglyeye Style)

She Played In Chip-Chipmunks and The Invaders

She Played Millefeui In Pokemon XY (1952Movies Style)

She Played Judy Hopps In Zootopia (Chris1703 Style)

She Played Flaversham In The Great Mouse Detective 170Movies Style

She Played Zoe Drake In Dinosaur King 1987Movies style

She Played Tosha In ??? And Friends for 1985Movies

She Played ???? (Mermaid) In The Little Brittany 2: Return to Sea