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The tarsier (genus Tarsius) is a unique and distinctive looking animal that has evolved a number of specific features to aid it's nocturnal and arboreal lifestyle. Although the exact appearance of the tarsier may vary slightly between species, all are relatively similar with a small, stocky body and long tail that is either sparsely covered in fur or has a tuft at the end. Their immensely soft fur varies from grey, to brown or ochre in colour depending on the species, but all tarsiers share the characteristic long hind legs which enable them to leap distances of up to 5 meters between branches. The long fingers and toes of the tarsier are tipped with pads and have nails to help them grip onto branches and prey, with long, curved claws on their second and third digits which are used for grooming. The most distinctive features of the Tarsier though can be found on their heads which (thanks to specially adapted vertebrae) are able to turn 180 degrees in both directions so that this primate can see behind it without moving it's body. Their enormous eyes can be up to 16mm across and enable the Tarsier to hunt for preyand watch out for predators in the dark. Tarsiers also have large bat-like ears which are incredibly sensitive to detect even the slightest sounds close-by.

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