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  • Paddington Bear: Orinoco, I hate break it to you. But the world it's breaking distear.
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  • Paddington Bear: World crime it's the all time high. And only thing's standing between order and chaos. It's us.
  • Neille the Elephant: Hey Terrorist Terrorise This!
  • Orinoco: And just what does this have to do with me!
  • Paddington Bear: Last week in Paris we got four terrorists with a weapon of mass destruction, We have to find out who sold it to him. Our only hope is to have somebody act like a terrorist. We need a actor. And say you're the best.
  • Narrator: On October 15th
  • Mighty Mouse: I've got five terrorists going southeast on Bakalakadaka Street!
  • Baron Greenback: So every country will are complete chaos!
  • Narrator: To save the world are falling the part.
  • Baron Greenback: Now you see, the new world is... inevitable.
  • Neille the Elephant: It's what?
  • Baron Greenback: Inevit- inevitable.
  • Neille the Elephant: One more time.
  • Baron Greenback: INEVITABLE Things are inevitably going to change!
  • Narrator: One Team, Must put together.
  • Mighty Mouse: All Right Let's Move!
  • Nellie the Elephant: It's too soon to be having feelings for you.
  • Orinoco: Maybe... feelings are feelings because we can't control them.
  • Narrator: Turn the earth, darkest moment.
  • Dave: K'pla!
  • Baron Greenback: Three more city of farley.
  • Neille the Elephant: I can't handing together!
  • Pearl Pureheart: I not gonna end like this!
  • Narrator: Into man kind's finest hour.
  • Mighty Mouse: There's too many of him.
  • Paddington Bear: This isn't about sex, Orinoco, it's about trust!
  • Neille the Elephant: NOOO!
  • Berk: All right, let's make this interesting Kiyoo
  • Shere Khan: Gaaaaah!